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About me

Hi and welcome!


My name is Julia and I am a warm, empathic and open minded therapist with a good few years experience of counselling which has led to me dealing with a huge range of issues from many clients. This has really helped me to understand my strengths and to develop my expertise in the following specialist areas. 

I can help you if you are struggling with your individual pain to try to make sense of whatever is happening (or has happened), in order to move forward at your own pace towards a more positive hopeful future. 

I can help if you are in a relationship and can’t seem to overcome past/current events or differences, to learn to listen and communicate and understand each other more in order to make healthy decisions about your future. 

I can help you if you are part of a family or blended family and struggling to adjust or have ongoing family issues, and to learn to live with more respect and harmony.

I can also help you if you either suspect or know you are in/have been in an abusive relationship and need help to move forward with a better understanding of yourself,of what happened (or is happening) in the relationship, and of how to move forward with empowerment and self esteem.

I can also help if the control and abuse is because you were raised in a strict religious/cult environment and has left you with confusion, fear, guilt and a lack of identity, to move forward with a mindset and purpose of your own.

I can help you if you are a young person (18+) struggling with low self esteem, motivation, direction, to identify where and how to feel more positive about yourself and to see clarity and hope in your future.

I can also help you if you are grieving from the loss of someone and have either a mix of conflicting emotions and/or are overwhelmed and trying to make sense of that loss, (including specific traumatic loss such as through suicide/murder).

I am qualified in 3 areas of therapy which help me to uncover and heal trauma and pain from the past, as far back as childhood where appropriate (psychotherapy), to understand and to actively listen to what is happening for you right now (person-centred) and to understand and gain insight into negative thoughts and perceptions and work towards more realistic positive thoughts and behaviours (CBT/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

If you are finding life difficult in any way it can cause such a mix of feelings and emotions from anger, shame, weakness, guilt, loneliness, hopelessness, confusion, low self esteem and motivation and can leave you feeling stuck and frozen in your situation and/or in your mind.

If any of this sounds familiar please talk to me. Together we will work on strategies that allow you to address the root causes of your difficulties and to begin to understand and build on yourself in order to move forward with hope and positivity.

I look forward to hearing from you.