Counselling can be a helpful way of talking through problems and issues in your life. Counselling is an active process, where you talk to someone who will listen and support you in exploring your thoughts and feelings. A counsellor will not tell you what to do or give advice; instead they provide a safe space for you to explore what may be causing difficulties for you.

Chesire & Wirral Counselling

Counselling is a talking therapy where you can explore your feelings and thoughts in a safe and confidential space. Counselling is not a quick fix, but rather aims to help you learn how to manage difficult emotions such as anxiety or depression.

Counselling can help you see things more clearly, which may mean that you start making different choices about the things that are contributing to your distress.

The counsellor will listen carefully and ask questions about what has been going on for you, which helps them understand what’s causing your difficulties so they can then suggest some ways forward.

“We need to enter into the counselling relationship not as curious and objective observers, but as involved and active participants.””
Tony Merry

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Let's connect

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